Nothing enhances the fun of playtime and ease of organization, more than doll furniture! At Laurent Doll, we offer many different types of doll furniture, including tables, trunks, armoires, and tea sets. Each furniture piece adds its own unique flair to your dolls collection, and only furthers the imaginative adventures. Take a look at our unique items and start envisioning some of the possibilities for the doll lover in your life:

  • Doll Storage Furniture: Dolls need a place to keep their things too! Our doll storage products are perfect for the doll owner who wants to pamper her doll. Our tasteful and colorful furniture adds décor to any room. Items like our doll armoire, trunk, school locker, chest of drawers, travel trunk, chest, tower and wardrobe create the perfect space to nearly store and organize all your doll clothing accessories. Our doll Armoire is a Laurent Doll favorite, and provides a classical look that matches all classically styled furniture. Our doll trunk is perfect for the girl on the go, we built a sturdy alternative to cheaper products on the market because no one wants their favorite doll and clothes ruined in travel.
  • Other Unique Doll Furniture Pieces: Sometimes the basics aren’t enough. Occasionally the doll lover in your life that has everything needs an extra little something. Laurent Doll set out to create a unique collection of items beyond the basics just for these moments. We have fun and creative items like cute picnic tables, a fine indoor dining set, perfect for tea parties, and a beautiful doll vanity set. The vanity and stool features an acrylic mirror that swivels, along with a tiny stool for when your doll needs to freshen up for a night out.

For a large variety of beautifully crafted doll furniture and accessories, browse through our extensive selection.