Doll Beds

All 18 inch Doll Beds now come with a free set of linens for each sleeping space!
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When it comes time to drift off to sleep doll lovers can rest well knowing that a Laurent Doll doll bed is gently cradling their special friend. Laurent Doll has an extensive selection of high quality doll beds we’ve designed as the perfect fit for all 18” & 20” dolls. We are sure that Laurent Doll’s classically designed furniture will become an heirloom that’s lovingly passed down in any family.

Styles and Colors for All Tastes

Laurent Doll has worked hard to provide high quality beds, which will provide elegant resting places for all American Girl®, Adora®, Carpatina Doll®, Journey Girls®, Madame Alexander® and Our Generation® dolls. Any 18” or 20” doll ought to be able to rest in the lap of Laurent doll luxury. Whether you prefer a classic white Windsor style bed, an elegant canopy bed, a functional loft bed, or tidy bunk beds you will find a perfect companion to any of your existing doll accessories. Add linens, or purchase a bed and linen set, and your doll will be ready for sweet dreams.

Multi-Level Beds for Large Collections

For the girl who has multiple18” dolls in her collection we stock double and triple bunk beds, which are perfect for keeping rooms neat. (Plus who doesn’t love the opportunity to mix and match bed sets for each individual dolls style.) For the girl that occasionally has a friend, with doll in tow, over for a sleepover, the trundle bed offers the perfect space saving design. These beds give you space for two and even three dolls, without taking up too much floor space. Use them for your own doll collection or host a doll sleepover with a friend and have room for everyone.

Handcrafted, Wood Beds for Durability

No matter which bed you choose, you will find that it is a durable, practical addition to your little girl's doll accessories. With Laurent Doll, you can have beautiful doll beds at a great price. Browse our selection today to find the bed that matches your daughter's style and personality. We’ve worked hard to mix classical and durable styling with an elegant design of heirloom quality.